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The Advantages of a Concrete Sub-Base

At NMC Paving & Fencing, we constantly achieve customer satisfaction due to our standards of workmanship and the materials we use. We believe that our pre-mixed concrete sub-base adds to our reputation as one of the leading landscaping companies in Kent.


A sub-base is created by distributing concrete evenly over a large area. The locking of the concrete ensures that even a thin layer can dramatically improve strength and gives ground the ability to handle heavy foot traffic and loads without being damaged.


For our driveways and patios, we use a breathable concrete sub-base which is laid to a minimum depth of 4 inches. This creates an incredibly strong yet porous base for sharp sand and blocks to be laid on. It also means that the rain can run through the base and drain away naturally, so water pooling on your new driveway or patio won’t be an issue.



We use C20 Specification Concrete Sub-Bases


Recent tests show that 4 inches of C20 specification concrete has the capacity to support up to 20 tonnes of weight. This is more than adequate for most of our domestic projects. By using a concrete sub-base, our driveways are able to withstand the weight of a 7.5 tonne truck being driven over them without rutting or damage being caused.


Low-end paving installers leave out the sub-base to bring down cost and secure more work. We always let the customer know that while they may have been offered a cheaper quote for a new driveway or patio, it’s mainly due to the omission of the sub-base. Without a sub-base, installations are more precarious and will eventually sink over time.


Once we’ve laid down the sub-base, it can be re-used without further work, even if you decide to change the surface of your driveway or patio in the future.


Many new builds have tarmacadam drives with a good sub-base. If you’ve recently moved into a new property and want to change tarmac for block paving, pattern imprinted concrete or a gravel surface, we can check to make sure the sub-base is strong enough for your vehicle. We can re-level and lay new paving over a high quality existing base.


For more information on sub-bases and how they can improve new patios and driveways, call us today and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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